Popular Culture

Jan 31, 2019
A pink and blue neon sign that's flashing Pop Culture.
So much of our lives are informed by popular culture, how are these spiritual influences?
A long time ago I told a friend of mine that I'd play this.  I always had to wait for the right time to do so.  Why?  This is because it is the hard sun that revolves around this Earth of ours.  It is the red sun.  It is a beautiful red sun that penetrates our hearts and minds.  Listen to its thunder.  Listen to its awakening.

People are expecting me to heal them as if I have some extraordinary ability to heal lepers and blindness.  No, I ask you to awaken to your own life choices.  I ask you to awaken from a centered place of being, and when you're ready, and if you're willing, to share with the world what you've learned along the way.  The challenge with sharing is how much people are willing to take, and learning to say no with polite boundaries and energetic protection from non-ordinary realms.  People take a lot, people take what they can get away with, and they often turn a blind eye.  Listen and maybe your eyes will open and from that place of awakening your truth can be told.

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