Feb 13, 2019
A male Craniosacral Therapist cradling the head of his client.
Subtle energies and psychic awareness are oft misunderstood. Not only are we dealing with external phenomena, that is objectifiable sense experience, we are also dealing with an inundation of somatic awareness on a non-perceptible level.  Of course, working within our scope of practice is always important as we’re also communicating what is being channeled through the work of Spirit, and balancing these messages with our clients’ stated therapeutic goals.

Craniosacral work is the type of alternative therapy that includes subtle levels of awareness, a still point that exists within the bony structure of the human body, and one that also exists within the meditative state of the client-practitioner relationship.  To receive this type of bodywork on a regular, or semi-regular basis, is especially helpful for those of you that have experienced a spiritual awakening, on even the most subtle of levels, and for those of you that are new to bodywork, as well.  The levels of intuitiveness are far-ranging and the physiological response from a successful craniosacral treatment extends beyond the dream body, as we know it, and into the rest of our waking lives.

Retrieving fragmented pieces of the self, or soul, is most easily accomplished in this dreamlike state.  By connecting with our spiritual allies, and often our clients’ allies as well, we begin to push the boundary of what somatic bodywork should look like.  At first, on a therapeutic level, we identify the muscles, tendons, ligaments and surrounding soft tissue that can be restricting movement, and causing bodily pain.  Then, on a cerebral level, we are able to access the subtle movements of the cranial sutures and central nervous system to better understand how these restrictions may be affecting the whole person.  And finally, on a spiritual, or energetic, level of awareness, we are able to work with our non-physical allies, guides, and teachers to better assist those that we have been called to work with.

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