Feb 20, 2019
A Myofascial Release Therapist performing cross-hand shears on a client's back.
This is a topic worthy of an in-depth look, I say this, as John is looking on, out of respect for his body of work, and also from an understanding regarding his connection to Spirit.  Presenting this information in a way that is both anatomically correct, energetically true, and physiologically relevant is a craft in its own right.  The movements of a person's body through space and time, including their personal power and its source, can take a lifetime to refine and apply in such a way as to remain effortless in its application and understanding.

In this case, we have the same cougar within us.  The same being that unites us, on a cellular level, is the same being that connects us in this waking reality.  In 2003, when I asked the Universe for direct intervention, a cougar appeared.  The young cougar, while chained to the ground, needed tended to, and released from bondage.  The older, served as a guide, while on the trail of life.  From this experience, the entire aspect of dreaming awake could be understood as a series of prophetic events.  First, while sleeping, then here, in our shared, waking reality to serve as a reminder for where the dream is coming from, and what it has to show us.  Dreaming the future self is never contained to just one time and place, rather it often contains the collective fragments of our parallel lives and previous incarnations.

Back to Myofascial Release, one thing that's become apparent to me, after learning from so many talented bodyworkers, healers, and otherwise enlightened beings, is that this generation teaching us now is the same generation that grew out of the '60s and '70s.  From Daido Roshi, of Zen Mountain Monastery, and the White Plum Asanga, to Hank Wesselman and the Esalen Institute, everything that they're teaching us now has had time, through practice, to become a refined art through the '80s, and into the current day.  Watching John teach through his videos that were recorded in the '90s was very bizarre because I could almost remember them.  And connecting with these authors, writers, lecturers, and doers has become humbling when you realize that they've been teaching as long as we've been alive.

In the same breath, we're being asked to recognize those that have passed into Spirit, especially throughout the last 10 years or so.  From John's son Brian to my father, Richard, and all of those in between, we're being asked to recognize death for what it is — an opportunity to wake up — and also an opportunity to connect with these individuals within their respective afterlives.  I say this with regards to our work at hand as all of the individuals are at just an important place in Spirit, as they are in the flesh.  They serve as an important bridge between our ancestral lineages, and physical incarnations, and only help to further strengthen the integrity of what is being taught, and will hopefully continue for generations to come.

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