Feb 3, 2019
A cougar standing in the mountains and staring into the horizon
A long time ago, I had a great fall.  It hurt like something I had never dreamt before.  Little did I know what I was searching for all along, was me.  A cat.  For a long time, I thought it was a dog, but it is, indeed, a cat.  A beautiful cat with four legs, a wagging tail, and a certain type of silence that penetrates the mysterious veil of thunder.

I didn’t see it coming but, rather, had dreamt it into being.  It took just over three years of choices to manifest into this reality, the reality we share in this conscious state, and consisted of three years of dreaming, three years of walking, and ultimately three years of waking up, and letting go, into this hazy, downward spiral of mine.  It hurt like hell because I didn’t realize that it was John that I had been searching for.

We had been conversing internally since childhood and what I learned with time, and with attendance in a class of his, is that he and I remain connected in such ways as to challenge a person's perception of what reality is, and how our spiritual alliances are formed.  I approached his work, the famed Myofascial Release Approach, from that of a shaman.  Energetically first, phonetically second, and medically qualified, third.  This is why I became a therapist in the first place, I realized.  To find this shaman, to find this voice, to find this work of mine.

For many years after leaving the Marine Corps, I remained indecisive as to the type of work I had been called to do.  In fact, after leaving a fine arts program in Northern Ohio, and after being introduced to the healing arts, decided to offer my work professionally as a massage therapist.  This, I figured, would be a wonderful way to attract clients while deciding how to present myself as a shaman.  And as a person that decided to work with Spirit early on, also knew from experience that professionalism counts, especially as a small business owner.  Hands-on healing isn't offered at the local university.  These things are learned with spiritual allies, in a group setting, and transmitted orally first, and then practically second...

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