Feb 7, 2019
Greek spelling of the word Logos
The Sound of Things to Come
In the last post, one of the things I mentioned was the use of the word phonetic.  There was some confusion amongst the audience as to what that actually means, and how we would apply that to both our inner guidance and the task at hand.  As some of you may know, one of the mirrors that we work with is the Sacred Syllable.  This web-based mirror helps not only clarify the messages coming to us from Spirit, but also clarifies our listening abilities with what we perceive on the web.

The word phonetic in the previous post is being used as a reminder to listen, as we process what we perceive both energetically, and physically, with the clients at hand.  Of course, not everyone is attuned to their inner landscape in such a way, not everyone is going to get this, but we live in a state of the soft gaze, a loosening of the brow, a lightening of the flesh in such a way as to allow our non-physical allies and teachers to guide us in ways that remain sacred.  These are the things that we hold in high regard: our time spent with clients, and our time spent working with Spirit to elicit change in the human condition.

Spirit, in this sense of the word, is pointing to a greater mystery than ourselves, while spirit, with a lowercase s, could be taken as a ghost or an apparition, or a paranormal use of the word.

As you can see, we've also moved from using the word hope, in our blog postings, to using the word gold.  Not only do we have the literal interpretation of what is being read, but we also have the analogous spin of what is being written.  The spin, as some of you may see it, is that unique combination of letters and words that bring thought into being, and that unique combination of vowels and sounds that bring tongues into motion.  There are also spins that include film and music that when combined with fiction produce a narrative all of its own.  This is a literal truth.  This is literally an analogy that resides within the mind of the writer and his or her intended audience.

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