Relationships, Relationships, and Location. . .

Apr 24, 2019
Arachne preparing to spin her web
Speaking of Google, it's also important to mention that since the last business was dissolved in 2011, Kusala Alternative Healthcare, most of my personal and professional relationships have been maintained in an online fashion.  The reason I'm mentioning this is that, in the same token, a lot of people continue to watch me with both amusement, and bewilderment.  That's not to say that I don't know these people, because most often I don't, it's only to acknowledge, however silently, the vast majority of audience members that still want to poke at my wound and claim my knowledge as their own.

How do I communicate?  What a great question from Audience Member #1.  Well, silently, it's with heart-to-heart communication, and verbally it's with my (sacred) tongue.  Actually, it's important to acknowledge the vast amount of people that I don't know, and those that continue to benefit from the use of my personal, and professional, names.  It's telepathy, actually, something that I never thought I'd have to spell out.  And that goes for saying within the same corporate-based audience that is just now learning how to listen, and open their brows to the possibility of something else.  I'm not singling out Google mind you, I'm mentioning this for the benefit of the many corporate audiences that continue to slander my name.

Moving beyond the previous business, and loosely defined web architecture that it was based upon, you'll see that this has become about finishing what was started.  What was started so long ago, first as a young Marine, and then as an undergraduate student, was a bachelor's degree.  While this may not be seen as a huge deal for many of you, especially those of you with advanced degrees, this is being mentioned as my last honest attempt at finishing it, in 2009, resulted with an abrupt departure from my studies.  I didn’t have to go back to school in my early 30s, I could have simply relocated and built a business, but I wanted to finish my degree.  I was also drawn towards connecting with the lineage of Shibata Sensei XX, the Imperial Bowmaker from Japan, who has since passed into Spirit.

If I were to do it all over again, I wouldn't change anything, although I would have majored in Comparative Studies with a minor in Linguistics.  While I fell in love with the art of glassmaking and enjoy the works of William Morris and Preston Singletary or Dante Marioni for that matter, I was never fully convinced that glassblowing would be how I served my life's purpose.  For those of you that have, I commend you, and for those of you that continue to work in the arts, I applaud your bravery.  I thank you for being the vision that we see in the dark, and for knowing the sweat's work will pay off.  Eventually.

There are actual linguistic components that I'll need to learn.  There are elements of the Sacred Syllable that remain undecided upon because I remain an uninformed, part-time, armchair, linguist.  There are stories woven throughout history that'll need to be reexamined.  There are sounds that need to be uttered, languages spoken, and prophecies understood.  There are also words that'll need to be articulated in such a way as to make better sense of it all.  And, yes, there are reputable professors that I've connected with, both near and far, and in much the same manner, that have expressed an interest in helping me achieve such this goal.

As I write this, a part of me wants to share who these people are, how we’re connected and what that means for the future, but, I remain apprehensive towards sharing their names.  I can, I could and with everyone ranging from Hollywood A-listers to YouTube streamers and gamers, politicians, musicians, celebrity chefs, authors, scholars, and athletes, you name it, and if I’ve seen you online, there’s also a decent chance that we’ve connected through the æther and Dreamtime.  There are a lot of people that know of my name, but very few that know me.  There may be many more that know of our efforts throughout the last twelve years or so, although don't necessarily know the individuals at the center of this case.  Sure, I could share all of this with you, but where's the fun in that?

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