Web-based Healing

Apr 17, 2019
A spider spinning its web in nature
Moving from a table-centered approach to bodywork into a web-based p1rophecy is how I've spent the last several years building this practice.  It's interesting because prophecy is one of those topics, that when stripped of its religious context, and the potential fanaticism that follows, is simply a period of change.  This period of change, as delivered with our spiritual ancestors, has the potential to bring about profound cultural shifts in attitudes, and approaches, towards our individual and collective consciousness.

This isn't to say that I won't be seeing clients again, as I will, it's just a matter of context and location.  One of the benefits of having been exposed to John's medicine in such a way, and I'm sharing this with you in a shamanic sense of the word, is the vast amount of spiritual knowledge that we become familiar with.  Although, in the beginning, we choose to walk a spiritual path in a certain direction, at some point in time, we're also forced to deal with a variety of unknown spiritual forces.  These forces are often in place to test us and in the case of a shaman, or an apprentice, have the ability to strip us to the bone, if only to confront our own death and ascension.  It's from this death that we're being challenged to feel the depths of our wounds and, in turn, to find our spiritual medicine.  That's what this power is about; healing the self and then sharing that medicine, when appropriate, with others.  It's effortless, really.  A timeless application of touch, intention, and a Spirit-centered relationship; but before we begin on the table we'll need the right mirrors first, and those mirrors are often found in nature, on the web, and within ourselves.

Before we get into what types of mirrors these are, it's important to understand what they'll be used for.  Traditionally, a shaman, or a person that connects with spirit, may use reflective materials for scrying, or for divination purposes.  A lot of times, and you'll see this online, a person may also be using reflective devices to ward off potentially malevolent spiritual forces.  This is not solely what these mirrors are for.  The mirrors that we'll be talking about, those for use with the Sacred Syllable, are intended for healing, spiritual awakening, and alignment.  They are not used with vanity, or arrogance, or narcissism standing in the way of our work.  They are, in short, not about you, but about the work you'll be offering the greater community as a whole.

You're beginning to see the importance of the Google-based Sacred Syllable and how this relates to web-based healing and prophecy.  Yes, this is only a blog that's being hosted on their Blogger platform, but it's a start and it's secure and with more on the way, I'm excited.  I have to say thank you to their respective management teams, and team members, for learning to listen, and for putting it in motion.  I don't know what they have in store but I hope that it's something that we can grow with.  This will become increasingly important as the Sacred Syllable and Good Hawk.co become a focal point for our shared interests, with both serving as precursors for the fledgling Sacred Hoops' community as well.  You're welcome to contact me at your leisure.

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