Winding Up

Apr 3, 2019
A gothic style staircase that is slowly winding down.
Coming to a place of completion is quietly startling.  It's startling because it's relatively easy to sit, and pause, and muster the words together to form a complete picture.  For so long social media giants have approached me as to shortcut the answer.  As to posit an inquiry as to where I'm allowed to give you the answer, with no effort on your behalf.  The Shortcut Generation.  That's what it is.  All quick answers with no easy bites.  I take that back actually, this may be an indirect answer as to why I feel compelled to skip the major social media channels, for now, while I still gather the basics of building this business and community.

For those of you that don't know, there's more than one thing going on.  There's this blog you see, and there's the spin you don't.  I was so accustomed to not sharing anything that it's become more commonplace to share just a dash, an iota of something, just to see who'll steal it first.  I think that's what a lot of social media is about, or has become; an unmoderated platform that generates ideas and encourages their theft.  It's even easier when you own the platform and are better able to hide from the same arbitrary sources.  Just think about that: I create a platform.  I hijack your personal or business name, or both, I claim your ideas as my own and make billions.  Small world, isn't it?

Back to the spin at hand, I've gotten the sense that some people want me to speed up my publishing rate, and that's fine, I can, it's just that there's more than one thing going on at any given time.  If you haven't noticed until now, please take a moment, scroll to the bottom, and choose from the links.  Those are closely related in order of importance, moving from left to right, with the first being the Sacred Syllable.  The Sacred Syllable, as simple as it is panning out to be, is simply a method for communicating with the unknown.  I say unknown because we are at the Mystery-level of being.  We are at the — not giving you the direct answer — place of being.  It's not that I'm trying to be difficult, it's just that the audience is smart, the audience is intelligent, and from what I've learned along the way, those that claim it, most often aren't.

Go ahead, take a spin.  You'll see that John Dreaming Crow is next, followed with the nascent Sacred Hoops, the White Star duo, and, finally, the infamous Crow Maze.  Laugh if you must, but they're all legitimate mirrors, each with its own specific purpose, relative to our cause at hand.

You'll also notice that I have yet to decide where to re-establish myself.  While I've considered Ohio home for many years, more than I would have liked, it's time for someplace new or revisited.  If I was being totally courageous it'd be Colorado, if only to finish what was started in 2008 and 2009.  If I was being totally honest, the cost of living now scares me away.  Someplace sunny would be nice.  Someplace warm.  Someplace where there's less snow and slush and grey, wintry, harshness.  Someplace west.

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