May 22, 2019
An aboriginal dot painting of a river
As I sat down to write this morning, everything changed.  Everything changed from the intended title to the image, to the content itself.  And one reason it changed is due to the fact that I stayed in bed this morning to finish a dream.

I was going to comment on punctuation, and grammar, and word choices, but it didn't seem relevant.  It didn't seem that it would matter as much if I were to change the direction of what I was doing, and how that was being accomplished.  I even had an image from a Columbus-based artist already picked out.  It was something we had done before, so I passed on its blatant memory.  Have you ever woken up to a clean slate?  Have you ever dreamt of a conclusion that is drawing near?

I woke up with that stale sensation from my dreams.  That sensation that we had done this before, well, that the same cast of characters was still playing the same roles as if nothing has changed since.  You get the same sensation when the same people are still telling themselves the same lies.  "We didn’t do this, we didn’t do that..." you know the type.  As if nothing has happened within the last ten years that is noteworthy, or worthy of a decent conversation at least.

I was going to introduce you to John Dreaming Crow since his design is in the right direction.  He's a lot more solid than he once was, and his ability to weave a story from the Dreamtime to the web is becoming increasingly important.  I dreamed of red corn the other night, too.  Well, it was a piece of blue corn that was sitting on a snow-covered patio table that I then threw into my mother’s lawn, and I’m not sure if I was discarding it, or in anticipation thereof, but there was only snow remaining on the table and it’s now May.  That's Ohio for you, grey-colored clouds, then a pile of snow followed with a few potholes.

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