Previous Incarnations

May 29, 2019
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To become aware of your own previous incarnations is a worthy consideration for any type of healing.  Not only do we have this life that we're living, including its relationships, to take into consideration we also have the previous three or five, or however many more tangled lives to look at when retrieving pieces of the self.  I'm going to set aside personal belief, and the irrational discussions that could follow, for just a moment now and assume that spiritual awareness is the key fundamental step you'll need to know.  To become aware of something is to become closer to knowing its truth, or essence, whether this essence remains tangible or not, and whether this essence remains religious in nature, or not.  In Zen Buddhism, for example, there are different types of awareness or stages of enlightenment.  In shamanism, the same, and for our purposes we'll be discussing how to connect with your benevolent spiritual allies, how to work with them extra-dimensionally, and how to retrieve pieces of the self that have been lost throughout this passage of time.  This passage of time will include your current incarnation and previous incarnations that we have become aware of, with the help of our spiritual allies, and deemed the most important.

Sometimes, these lives are interconnected with a relationship, or a series of relationships, with both incarnate and non-physical beings that can have an impact on our current health and well-being.  Sometimes, we also have overlaps between recorded history, our spiritual knowingness, and current incarnation.  While a previous incarnation, and its relationships, are important to become aware of it's equally important to remain supple with insight and receptive with formal timelines when performing this type of work.  The biggest stumbling block that we'll come upon is, of course, one's own ego.  It's far too easy for the surface-level self to say aloud: “Well, I'm from here and I did that, and lookie here, it's me in a history book.”  That's a difficult phrase to say while maintaining a straight face, and it's even more difficult to say when you're allowing your own personal beliefs to filter the experience and interfere with a deeper understanding of two basic truths:
  • We live more than once.
  • We exist in more than one way.
Soul-level memory is a viable experience and when we don't force the results, we can more easily reveal the truth regarding a previous incarnation and the violence the surrounded it.  If, after working with our spiritual allies and ancestors, we find this memory is coming to us from within the dream, it's important to allow it to be and to not force it to become anything else.  Its memory can either be largely symbolic, with a reference to a timeframe or geographic area or can be quite literal as the previous life is still occurring on some level.  It takes far less effort to allow this memory, that has been quietly residing within the crevices of the body, to soften and bubble to the surface of our awareness than it is to try and force it to become something else that our ego may desire.  It's also important to note that this memory, or memories, needn't be tied to a historical figure, or political movement, it's easy enough for the memory to come from a shared awareness of time and space.  We often share collective memories from these previous incarnations, and it's important to realize that while the self may be searching for a name and a place to identify with, it's this process of remembering that helps to create the space, and energetic catalyst, that is needed for healing and transformation.

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