Business of Healing

May 1, 2019
A human head with black figures flying out of it
A long time ago, one way that I found my way out of darkness, was with listening.  This isn't to say the listening is free from the choice that made it, it's only to say that with music, everything is usually better.  There was actually an offshoot of interests that I once clamored with, and that was spotlighting a variety of musicians for the audience to enjoy and to practice the art of listening with.  True, silence is generally defined as an authentic source of healing, although in this case, and in the future, we'll be using the space between the sounds as a declination point, and to help us center and align our lives.

Whenever I do this, play professional musicians' music and tones, I never intend to steal or infringe upon their inherent copyright protections.  I simply want to share their sound, with you, for the sake of finding your own rhythm and to enhance your listening abilities.  I think, I'm not sure, but I think at this point, and since the videos are freely shared and not being misrepresented, that I might be alright.  Someday I'll address this with the legal pros at YouTube, but since the code is available, it's cool to share, right?

Taking the cue from Harry the Rideshare Guy, I may include a DMCA statement and point of contact, just to be sure.  In this case, and since I don't know the folks over at Bring Me The Horizon, I'll just say that if you're reading this, are a professional musician, and legitimate copyright holder, and would like your work to be removed, just let me know.  There's no reason to get angry, or upset.  It's easy enough to send an email using the contact form below, and I'll be happy to comply.  Plus, it’s a good spin for everyone to enjoy, and at some point in time, we’ll have to bring out the filmmaker to spin some video on top of that.

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