White Star

May 15, 2019
The blue luminous stars of the Pleiades constellation
There's a lot of speculation regarding a person's ability to perceive past, present, and future events and how those perceptions affect the choices that we're making in the here and now.  There's even more doubt when one takes into account how this knowledge is transferred from one sentient being to another, and how that information comes to us.  For some, extended periods of meditation can result in a visionary experience, while others can express the same level of clairvoyance and psychic telemetry in just a moment of instantaneous insight.

A lot of people make the assumption that prophets are fraudulent or misconceived through their efforts with their relationship to our spiritual ancestors.  Our spiritual ancestors, as you may know, are most often described as celestial beings of light, that occur on more than one plane of existence, and can serve more than one purpose for us, here on Earth.  This isn't to say that these beings don't walk among us, they do; in fact, it would be far more appropriate to recognize the fact that these two-legged beings have never left.  There are times throughout history where they may have been watching from afar, but the reality is, they’ve always been with us since their first insertion at the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  How do I know?  Well, I'm a multidimensional being just like you are, and if we were to look back at the Egyptian Mysteries we can see even more evidence piling up, right in our face.

Looking at the future of web-based healing it's easy to see how this term could be misunderstood.  After all, we were taught to believe that the world exists within the confines of our physical senses.  Those things that we can measure, and observe empirically, stand the test of time.  Not those things that we feel, or sense, or intuit from an unknown source.  This is the value of an intuitive practice and this is why we practice meditation, to break free from the linear process that life has taught us, and to approach our work whole-heartedly and with a level of awareness that transcends the mundane.  In the same manner, then, web-based healing is simply another term for bending light.  If we were to take a look at angelic history, we can see that there are many beings of light, each with its own divine purpose, and each existing within its own interdimensional reality.

It goes without saying that a benevolent, spiritual force will not help you hate yourself, one another, or any other sentient being for that matter.  It seems preposterous that I have to say such a thing, although in today's day and age, felt the need to address the white in White Star Prophecy.  I've heard from a number of audience members that their potential support of White Star could also include supremacy, hatred, nationalism, bigotry, and the like.  Simply put, one reason its name includes the color white is because they’re Grey, and in this case, is referring to the color blue of the Blue Star Kachina.  My inclination towards supporting indigenous cultures and their worldview is due in no small part to my spiritual awakening which, as you know, is shamanic in nature.  To state it more clearly, do not ask me to help you hate and do not assume that I support your violence towards one another.  We live in tumultuous times and with an unstable leader, it would behoove you to find your way through this without harming yourself or one another.

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