A Game Amongst the Stars

Jun 12, 2019
Luke with Yoda strapped onto his back while in Jedi training on Dagobah
We're going to take a moment to thank George Lucas for bringing us the Star Wars Universe.  Without his stories, particularly Star Wars itself, none of this would be in the place that it is.  He managed to tell a story, that was directed by the ancestral Star People, and bring it to life in a timeframe that is concurrent to my own, and all of Generation X.  Humanity's spiritual ancestors love to tell stories, in fact, we can look at the episodic relationship between Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine, and see a very specific relationship that comes to the audience from Ancient Egypt — Osiris and Set.

After the fall of Osiris, that is to say, after his death that is found in the resurrection stories of Osiris, Isis and their son Horus; Set and Osiris then become, to a certain extent, interchangeable characters.  Each one of them becomes capable of directing the other, and each one of them is capable of amplifying their own chaotic forces of evil, and malintent.  Of course, Star Wars is a fictional universe, although we can clearly see these mirrors come to life beginning in 1977, and well into 2012, when Mr. Lucas then sold his production company, Lucasfilm LTD, to The Walt Disney Company.

If we were to look at the parallels of 20th-century filmmaking with the historical facts and figures that surround it, more than one person comes to light when held in this comparison.

With the passing of Carrie Fisher in 2016, and more recently Peter Mayhew in April of this year, we're being reminded of the importance of this film series, and the modern storytelling process.  With a loss as great as Carrie Fisher, in the midst of finishing the stories' final three segments, one can only wonder how this narrative has changed, and how it potentially affects the future for those that have grown up with it.  Yes, the prequels have their critics, but without George Lucas, and everyone involved in the original trilogy, none of these contemporary prophecies would be possible.  He's retold a story worth telling, and he's relived the past in such a way as to make it more compelling.  Although we can't see this from our vantage point, there is a literal game amongst the stars that is being played by a cast of characters that exist in both Spirit and flesh; that exist in the ephemeral past and the not too distant future.

It's with this understanding that I wanted to take this moment, and blog entry, to say thank you to George Lucas.  This is first for bringing us this film, and second, for the work that he’s contributed on my behalf over the last several years.  Since the beginning, he’s always been there, and while he may have the director’s perspective with telling these stories, the importance of his role and the timing of their creation cannot be understated.  We have lost more than a few actors and actresses that are connected to the Star Wars Universe, there are over ninety of them according to this IMDB list, yet there are still more stories to tell, futures to create and weaving to be spun.  It’s in this regard that I say thank you, especially to the original cast and crew, for helping to bring this prophecy to light so that its storyline may continue to grow.

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