Exploring the Non-self

Jun 5, 2019
Madonna staring into the mirror for her Ghosttown video
There's a lot of positive remarks that could be said for Madonna, she's an old soul that's been around the block on more than one occasion.  Her music and filmmaking abilities have always told a story and told it well.  She is a messenger of her times, a public figure that has been quietly reminding us, first throughout the '80s and now into today, of what is to come.  In fact, she's a multifaceted persona that I've learned a lot from.  Some may digress with their own criticisms, but to me, she's family.  She also successfully answers the quiz at the end of this video, so pay attention to what's going on in popular culture these days.  All of these actors, writers, directors, and producers are trying to sell you a story, and it's up to you decide what that is.  Some are more truthful than others.

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