Sacred Hope

Jul 24, 2019
The medicine wheel with the colors of the four directions.
Even as we talk about Sacred Hoops and the notion that something else is around the corner, there's been a lot of blowback by the major social media matrix.  It's understandable, with as many scandals and general hostility surrounding the major network, and its founder, it's easy to see why their grip on new competitors has remained largely a stranglehold.  It's filled with fear and motivated by greed all with the underlying notion that the world is in love with their invention, or that there isn't room for a new competitor.

I've remained largely quiet about my criticisms of the social network, and their founding families, and why their relationships with me have never been worse.  There's a lot of evidence that has been gathered throughout the last ten or so years to suggest otherwise, even including the false impersonation of myself, immediate family members, and circle of friends on their very own network.  This is but one reason why I don't see how the public doesn't get it; there's a ton of fake accounts on said network, including, and especially including their management team's own facetious accounts.  It's enough to make you want to quit to using their service entirely, and if only to cut their prying eyes out of the intelligence pipeline.

There's such anger that's been directed towards me, and this entire situation, that I've decided that I'd like to no longer contribute to its use.  Sure, there's the one account that I have, alongside several unused fan pages, but for the most part, I'm content without its place in my life.  It doesn't add anything that I don't currently have.  It doesn't make me want to partake in conversations online, or share news and updates, or connect with friends new and old.  In fact, it only makes me want to warn them that the owners of this business love to watch me, and the people that I connect with, and share it with other lively individuals who may, or may not, have a vested interest in knowing my whereabouts.  How would you like that?  To have the management of one team, that you have nothing to do with, report to another team, and in another location, about you?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

The message about an online Sacred Hoops community has been with us for awhile, since President Obama was in his first term, as a matter of fact.  It was only when I began working with the web, and its digital assets, did I realize that this message also pertained to Nicholas Breeze Wood and his established community that's across the pond at Sacred Hoop Magazine.  I by no means am attempting to infringe upon his web identity, in fact, we've connected online and both seem to be in a similar place in regards to this work.  This is being mentioned as a matter of friendly happenstance, and to set up further discussions about these two distinct communities and their relationships.  Perhaps, at some point in time, I could bring along an equally well-heeled relationship to the table, if only to anticipate the incorporation of one hoop into another.

We also need to thank Blue Corn and his family for their continued support over at Buffalo Nickel Creative.  There are many, little, attentions to detail that I would have missed if it were not for his reminders along the way.  Hopefully, we can create something special and something that's been made from an indigenous perspective.  And, when the time is right, something that we can share with the rest of the world.  There's also a language component involved and that's yet another reason why this relationship with Google is so vitally important — they already have the necessary infrastructure built-in, so that we may more easily build out of this blog space and into a bigger audience.  The Sacred Syllable needs more specifics, obviously, as I'm continuously bouncing behind the language-based needs of a finite articulation and the creative impulse to make something new.

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