Shifting Towards the Sun

Jul 10, 2019
A horizontal sky in abstract
A lot of where I am, in regards to social media, goes back to Ryan Dunn with his unfortunate death in 2011.  I wouldn’t wish this type of death upon anybody, although I will say that his style of passing and drinking behavior may have been predetermined.  True, I didn’t know him either, although there are several similarities with both his upbringing and place in Hollywood that strike a chord.  Sadly, it’s still an open wound for so many folks that just don’t get it, and why this was an important place in history.

This is where Rhian Sheehan comes into play.  He’s an excellent musician and one of the favorites that’s transitioned from the old style of social media.  His 2009 album, Standing in Silence, is nearly an epitaph and one that should be required listening for anyone that's brushing up on their attuning, attunements, and web-based listening skills.

Thank you, once again Rhian, for being that silent echo from so far away.

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