The Many Wounds of Ra

Jul 3, 2019
An antique hand watch in the drifting sands of time
As you can see, I've spent the last several months working on a virtual brain dump of topics ranging from therapeutic massage and bodywork to reincarnation and karma.  At some point in time you may be thinking to yourself that this work is about karmic healing and well, it is, although we don't address it in such a way.  See, karma is an actual functioning force in our lives and works in a way that is typically unseen to the naked eye.  Karma also is free from the ego-producing judgements that come along with it, so it's impossible to say that this is the result of good karma or bad, it only is an effect from a cause that occurred so many years ago.

While writing the content for this blog I realized that the basics of shamanism that I was called to practice, and learn, differs in its thoughts, deeds, and actions, and how I'm conveying this information to you.  I'm challenged on how to share what it is that I do mostly due to the fact that while I began this journey with a shamanic intent, and address what I share with the public in much the same way, what I offer in my private practice differs than what a traditional shaman may offer in their own.  I'm also a white person that's living in middle-class America that has gained a relationship with the Spirits of the land in such a way as to dream them into being.  This is another way of stating that my practice of working with the spirits has evolved into a dreaming place of being, and one that's encouraging me to examine the work that I'm currently offering against the larger picture of what's already been accomplished.  It's a secret, mostly.  One that mustn't be uttered or written.  I'm doing my best at eeking out a living, so we'll see how this goes.

With this brain dump comes an improvement with the basics of writing and the inclusion of a gifted, and now telepathic, ghostwriter.  There are actually more than a few editorial types that have assisted along the way, some attached to well-known publishers, and some are well-known themselves, and that have expressed an interest in bringing this book to the shelves.  Before we even get to that point, however, I felt the need to bring the quality of this writing up to snuff and to a level of at least palatable digestion.  It's painful, actually.  Let's not joke around, telling you the story of America's history throughout the last ten or twelve years, and from a lost perspective, is a challenge.  It's like one of those MasterClass adverts where the writer warns you that writing is painful, and will leave trails of blood dripping down your face.  It's like that, only worse.

With glass and glassmaking, there is a different process.  There is a visual process where the gaffer, or lead glassblower, could gain a sense of satisfaction with the correct color application or the pulling off of a difficult shape or form of the blown vessel.  It's only with the undertaking of sharing this story with you do I realize that I was not working from the same place with glass.  I was not working with my personal history, I was avoiding it.  It is far too easy to enjoy the visual aesthetics of a glass vessel than it is to dive deeper inside of it, only to find even more emptiness and being challenged with its meaning.  It's with the same level of curiosity and excitement, however, that I begin the flesh out the story and business side of the last ten years of my life and the politics that surround it.  There's a lot that remains unwritten, perhaps a book or two will do?

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