Sep 11, 2019
A boy jumping over a fence on a BMX bike from the movie Rad
This is so exciting to watch, each and every time.  It's hard to put into words, but if you can imagine a 12-year old boy from Ohio that's trying to learn bicycle tricks, this is where you'd start.  Aside from a foot-in-the-fork endo, I couldn't do much.  I did once manage a partial wheelie in a neighbor's driveway.

And for those of you that have been with us for a few years, this is usually where we start.  We spin Rad, have a laugh, and then come back to it every so often.  This also ties into what I like to call the Drew Barrymore challenge, that is working your butt off at 40-ish to lose any unwanted weight.  She did this a short while back and I was really impressed.  Wow!  This is going to take work?

It's also reassuring to see that the professional riders of the '80s now have a social media presence.  Young idols such as Mat Hoffman and Dennis McCoy or GT Bicycles for that matter, all now have Twitter feeds to help promote their ambitions.  Back in the day, we'd have to buy magazines at the local Lawson's convenience store to try to figure this stuff out.  Now there are videos and Twitters and other social media accounts to help document their process.  I don't normally drool over new technology, although this is where it gets cool.  When I, as a grown adult, can connect with my teen idols and learn a new trick, or two.  Now that sounds like fun.

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