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Oct 2, 2019
The human body juxtaposed with anatomical illustrations
Here we are, heading back to work, and after all these years that have passed, I still find myself amazed at the intricacies of the human body.  I find myself humbled when I realize the simple act of being alive, is perhaps the greatest gift of all.  To be in this body, and filled with awareness, creates a sentient intelligence that I have found to be awe-inspiring.  I have found the somatic intelligence of the human body to come to us from beyond the norms of rational intelligence, and instead, serve as a reminder of the Great Mystery that lies within all of us.

It's unfortunate that we don't pause, and listen, and return to the simple act of breathing more often.  With our fast-paced world and emotionless relationships with those around us, we lose ourselves in the daily grind far more often than not.  To be in this body and free from the competitive ego has loosened the need to compare with those that are considered peers, and instead, practice my craft with the freedom and ease of knowing the Universe will support those efforts.  Even when you hear those peers whispering, and perhaps complaining about their self-created separation, you learn to let those go, and in an effort to be free of the burden they place upon you.  You learn to let go of the people and things and situations that wound you up and led, in part, to a downtrodden effort to bring you down to their level.  To bring you to a place of negativity and fear.  A place of hopelessness and greed.  You learn to live with all of these things so they may pass through you, rather than cling onto you, and inhibit a person's efforts to simply be.

I was reluctant to return to Columbus, as there are opportunities elsewhere, although Columbus is where I consider home.  This is also where this fire started in 2006 and 2007 and where it will continue to grow until the soul learns what it needs, and moves on.  Yes, there are opportunities out west, from California and Arizona to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, although Columbus is where I'm from, and this is where I'll begin.  There are also the indigenous communities that I work with online, including the Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation of Northeastern Arizona; and the Kiowa, Osage, and Cherokee Nations of Oklahoma, that I'm keeping in mind with this decision.  The option to travel is always available and while we will delve more into the Maasaw, Paw Tribe, Sacred Hoops, and Ancient Timekeeper topics, I felt the need to simplify and improve this website while beginning the process of building a business and online community.  As many of you know, the content regarding Eagle Crow, Good Hawk, and its web presence, has changed dramatically since 2016, and the more specific I can be with you, the better for everyone.

And for those of you that don't know, that's John.  John and his Cougar.  John's cougar is where I began healing from and John's Cougar is where I return.  Again and again.  Returning to center.

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