Becoming the Healer

Oct 25, 2019
A purple-headed figure that is filled with ectasy
It seems fair, then, to say that when moving away from oils and lotions in a bodywork practice that it also reduces the risk of working with those that are solely seeking sex or a sexual transaction.  Bodywork, from the beginning, is about using one's abilities to assist others with their own awakening journey.  Healing is secondary in many ways as we can't enable the outcome any more than another person will allow.  We also can't interfere in their own healing process and, instead, can only serve as a catalyst and mirror for their own journey inwards.  It is up to the individual seeking light, or healing, or awareness, or whatever you'd like to call it to walk through those gates and surrender to the higher power that they were seeking to begin with.

If you have ever been through a somatic healing crisis, you know how explosive these situations can be.  Far from the glamour that a televangelist would like you to believe, the actual process of healing and awakening is real work.  There are no quick fixes with this intentional touch and while modern medicine would like you to believe that every sign or symptom of the human body has its origins with a physiological irregularity, many are not.  This is not to say that I don't believe in science, as much as science doesn't believe in me, it's only to say that both spiritual and physiological forces affect the human condition, and some with more effect than others.  This is also not to say that I'm a religious person, I'm awake, and I've found the discourse of the modern American pastor to be highly irrelevant and off-key most of the time.

The expectations of being a miracle worker, or those that I perceive are being placed upon me, are indeed high.  But I don't have to carry those expectations with me; I can easily leave them at the front door alongside everyone that is expecting me to fix them or isn't willing to do the work that is necessary for them to awaken and heal their own lives.  People want to be healed, but most don't want the discomfort or inconvenience that comes along with this.  People want a quick and easy fix, and there are none, or there are none that I can think of that have a lasting effect.  People also want me to tell them that all is forgotten and that their choices haven't affected the outcome in ways that they don't want, or are unwilling to accept, and I won't.

Becoming the healer has become about waking up to the realities that extend beyond the physical senses and incorporating them into your daily lives.  Slipping inside one's self and learning to let go of external phenomena is one place where we begin to understand how our perception affects the outcome.  Our attachment to external stimuli has become a defining factor with our decision-making abilities and our egos filter the experience to match our expectations, or lack thereof.  We don't allow healing to occur on its own, or without the fear of our frail little egos getting in the way, and the self is left to witness its own undoing.  From this, we find there is no shadow and there is no self attached to it; there is only a seamless mirror of unifying experiences and the curtain called reality that distinguishes between the two.

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