Healing with White Star

Oct 9, 2019
Acupuncture needles on the back of a female model
Yes, it's obvious, with as much skill and intent to practice the mysteries of healing, why acupuncture and Classical Chinese Medicine aren't listed in my practice.  Well, truth be told, the interest and inclination to practice and refine this craft to such a high level of mastery has always been there – has always been in my plans.

Then the prophecies occurred.  The dreaming visions that woke me from my slumber began to manifest in my life.  It wasn't only the business partnership that had been formed, it was the unraveling of my life and the forward-moving downward spiral that became so brilliantly clear.  I knew it was going to be painful, it was my dream, after all, I just didn't realize that it was going to hurt so goddamned much.  That it was going to blind me with its stunning presence and crystal clear location.

I also didn't know that John had a son with a similar name, that mirrored my efforts, even up until this day.

I don't talk about prophecies much, due to the fact that we still have the false messiah to deal with.  I also don't claim to be a certain historical figure because, well, my name is Ryan.  If you take reincarnation out of this mix, you will certainly be disappointed.  And when you realize that the larger mystery that's being revealed is Egyptian in origin, and not simply Israeli, or the Middle East for that matter, it should give you a better perspective on why some things are more important than others.

The other problem with sharing new prophecies are the predictions that are already contained within the written text of the New Testament.  I sometimes get the sense that many people are expecting a literal series of events to occur, and as if the bible was written for a generic audience that hasn't changed throughout the course of time.  History, particularly biblical history, does not live in a vacuum where nothing has changed since the time of Christ.  Every new life is prophetic in its own right and we've had, meaning humanity and its ancestors, literally thousands of years of living and dying to figure this out.  We've had enough intervention to know that benevolent spiritual forces do exist, and we've sure as hell had enough time to learn that malevolent spiritual forces exist alongside them.

What's hard for people to realize is that we're healing from the American Civil War.  This part of history, particularly this rubbish of a presidency, does not only have its roots in the Middle East, but also 19th-century Americana.  I can't say that everyone is healing from the Civil War, that would be rather short-sighted on my behalf, but I will say that I am healing from the Civil War.  I am healing from the agonizing death that occurred at the hands of a disgruntled American.  I am healing for the sake of myself and my family, and this includes the feminine aspect of the self.  Many thousands of years ago, and against her will, she was taken into darkness and held in bondage for the benefit of our spiritual ancestors.  She is now free with this incarnation, and for the families that we have been born into several relationships have changed, soul pieces have been returned, and the process of awakening has begun.

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