Powaqqatsi – Philip Glass

Nov 26, 2019
The view of a coal-burning power plant with a clear, open, sky in the foreground
As requested, here's the rest of the initial Qatsi spin with the inclusion of Mr. Glass' rendition of the title track, Powaqqatsi.  Originally scored for the film's release in 1988, this sound still adds depth and meaning to the original context of Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi.

For those of you wondering, this type of work has to do with a sacred tongue.  I do not speak, read, or write the Hopi language, and for the most part, I've left it to tribal members to decide on what's important to communicate.  There may be new words, and indeed a new film, that is required to communicate the importance of the Lost White Brother, and the Paw Tribe that he envisioned while visiting the West Coast in late 2008.  For those Marines that I served with, and that joined me on that journey, I want you to remember that you are part of something special.  You hold knowledge that I do not, and vice versa, and while our work has taken longer to accomplish than I think any of us had ever imagined, my door is always open.

One day, and many years before the events of 9/11, I was working with my dreams and in conscious manner.  In it, I had communicated with my grand father, and whose face was only illuminated by the hazy backdrop of the Yucatán Peninsula.  He had been speaking at length, and as I began removing myself from the dream, he mentioned: "He Who Walks Amongst Them."  How will I know?

You will know by the time you reach it.

There's been a lot of doubt cast upon my integrity throughout the years.  There's been a lot of whispering about whose side is right, and who can claim my work as their own.  There's even been people that have said to me, not to my face, mind you, but along the lines of: "Well, you make nice stuff, so I'm going to keep it."  That's thievery, I'd say.  It's easy to copy other people's work from an online source, but when you make something truly original, other people will notice the quality and difference.  I'm going to say this right now, I have never claimed another person's work as my own, and even in the projects that I'm working on, have zero intentions of claiming their original work as my own.  I can't say that for everyone in the stratosphere, even those with more money, and those that are willing to spend it on projects that may have a similar appearance as my own.

A bit of an off-topic, I know, but I'm tired of being the one person that has to deal with the whining Zuckerberg's lies and bullshit.  Needless to say, there's a lot that I'm not saying regarding my previous banking relationship with JP Morgan Chase Manhattan.  We could write a tell-all, I know.

Actually, I stand corrected, there's a lot of people that have to deal with his bullshit and it's painful to watch.

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