The Circle of Living Spirit

Nov 19, 2019
Interlocking flower of life in gold with seven rings of power
When we look back at the choices that we've made in life, it is sometimes easier to see how those choices were made.  In this case, when I left Kent State University, in 2001, and shortly before the terror attacks of 9/11, it was unclear why I was leaving school so early.  And despite a fair amount of resistance from my father and mother and family members, I decided that leaving school early, while still on an undecided career path, would be my best choice at the time.  Although I had plugged away at a fair amount of credit hours while working towards a fine arts degree in glassmaking, I was unclear on how those career choices would be made.

One thing that became apparent was that my time at Kent State University was largely underscored by the healing work that I had been introduced to, and the people that I had chosen to work with than it was about earning an undergraduate degree.  In fact, it's during this time after being discharged from active-duty service when I learned most of my initial shamanic training, and this time served as an extension of my own awakening process that had already begun prior to leaving the Marine Corps.  I still don't share this story with many people, including those that are close to me, as I consider one's own spiritual inquiry to be private and personal in nature.

This is where I was introduced to the works of Joseph Rael, or Beautiful Painted Arrow, and his work is included with what I share to the public in order to serve as a reminder of the places in life where I'm coming from.  My first shamanic teacher, a lady whose name is Linda, was one of the energy holders of a small, but growing circle of lightworkers in the greater Kent area at the time.  Although I have never been drawn to work in dark energies, or intentions, her form of paganism was mostly off-limits for me even though I had been guided to her after a brief introduction at a famed Kent coffee house.  She was the first person that I had connected with after returning home from overseas, that I could confide in with what was happening.  The first of my spiritual awakenings had begun while I was still on active-duty service, and despite the language barrier that I had faced while in Lisbon, I found myself hungry to learn more with someone that I could communicate with.

The introduction to Joseph's work begins with his Sound Chambers, or those Chambers of Peace that he has scattered all across the world, and continue to his written work that includes Being and Vibration, Ceremonies of the Living Spirit, and the House of Shattering Light, among others.  One of Linda's spiritual names, in fact, an extension of 3 Feathers, was given to her from Joseph during their time working together.  As you can see, both Joseph and Linda's influence is seen and felt with the work I offer, including the Sacred Syllable, which is an English-based version of an ancient tongue that is best experienced on the web.  I rarely credit Linda, or her Circle of Living Spirit, only due to the fact that we still work together, albeit more often in spirit than in flesh.  I haven't connected with her, or the other members of the circle in many years, although we still communicate in many different ways.

There is so much on this topic, and my story of awakening, that I've found myself wavering on a commitment to share this with you.  For me to go back to those early years, would mean that I would have to come from a place that existed before the terror of 9/11.  It was only in the aftermath and from seeing those young Marines fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, that I began to understand why I left active-duty in the first place.  The terror threats throughout the '90s and into the events leading up to 9/11 were very real and palpable, and whose effects are still being felt to this day.  Even as I structure the content for this website and create a veteran-specific service that I'd like to offer, one that's been loosely termed Warrior Healing, I've found myself with a different understanding of what these post-9/11 service members may have been through.

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