Delilah – Florence + The Machine

Dec 17, 2019
Clocks moving forward into a face pattern
With a little encouragement, I'm being asked to post Florence's Delilah for today's update.  It seems like I'm always going through this, going through a flexible publishing schedule since I'm always listening, and responding in kind, to the world's events.  No matter how hard I try to stick to a solid schedule, it seems to flux with whatever is going on in the world, at the time.

Florence has really shown a lot of knack for knowing where to take this story.  Heck, she even managed to create nine new chapters out of The Odyssey, and we haven't even gotten to the Monolith yet.  She's captured something that no one else has and seems to tell a story as if it were being written for a silent witness, and that may be watching from afar.  She's a witch, too.  I sometimes hear her giggling in the background and when I chum around London with my mates, she always seems to come up with a decent conversation.  In fact, there's a very well, and rather unknown, dental hygienist and husband team that happens to come to mind.  No, it's no one famous, just two important relationships for Florence, her Machine, and her bandmates.

It was really quite vulgar and horrific and the traffic accident sums it up perfectly well.  Not that I wish that type of trauma upon anybody, it just seems to sum up John's dose of medicine quite well.

She understands Shakespeare, too.  Which makes this that much better.  I don't even understand his riddles, complexities, and personalities, I just know it when they're here.

Shakespeare, folks.  You've read it here first.

...I had a dream the other night about my brother that was lying face up in the trunk of one of his first cars.  He was in the wheel well, where the spare tire is kept, and it was filling with urine.  I was in the in-between state of sleeping and awake and the urine was a reminder to wake up and use the restroom.  Anyways, he and I were having a conversation about who paid for the Volkswagen, and there he was, lying face up in the trunk.  A bit of an odd story, but I wanted to share...

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