How I Communicate

Dec 3, 2019
Two nervous women that are talking to one another
This is a pretty simple topic although I'd like to revisit it, for clarity's sake.  For starters, and for those of you that are new to me, one of the best methods for growing spiritually is by learning how to listen.  This isn't just a mental activity, this isn't something that you think about, it's something that you actually do.


By slowing down and taking on a heart-centered approach towards listening, you can improve the results of those life experiences that you have intended for yourself, and for those people that you surround yourself with.  It's a simple practice that doesn't require a lot of thought, but more so, a lot of silence.  Some people are uncomfortable with silence as if their mind has to be chatting about something, but the reality is, the sooner we find silence in our lives, the sooner we can be free of the restrictive thought patterns that arise and can lead to karmically uncertain situations.


This is a hard topic for those of you that are looking into supporting evidence for such a claim, but listening leads to higher sensitivities that can lead to telepathic prowess and empathetic thinking that affects both the short, and long-term goals, of those relationships involved.  In fact, with the practice of listening, you can easily open up your internal channels that include the likes of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and a whole laundry list of spiritually enlightened abilities.  I know, too much thinking leads to instability with one's approach in life, and if you were to just pause, and listen, you could learn a lot about the world around you.


I have found that I may have taken for granted a person's ability to listen in the past.  I have also found that communicating online, and without an in-person connection, lessens the ability for a genuine heart-to-heart connection.  It becomes obvious when people are making assumptions and not connecting with the person that's right in front of them.  Eyes glaze over, concentration fades out, and subtleties are ignored.  I have also found that many people leave this website with a sense of incomplete confusion, as if what am I not saying?  What am I not communicating to the audience?
Needless to say, I'd have to confess that this approach towards writing has been intentional up until this point in time.  I've always felt the need for the rest of the picture to come into play, and that becomes apparent with this style of communication, but I'm at the point where I begin to whittle this down into something more specific with the choices that are being made.  It's like when you're blowing glass and applying a super nice lip wrap.  Do I make choices that are consistent with my vision, or do I leave it to chance, and unskilled manipulation?  Or, better yet, let's say there was another me, and in feminine form, that's consistently opposed the choices that are being made.  How would that manifest for the gentlemen in the room?

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