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Finish It (ft. Kronos Quartet) – Clint Mansell

Feb 28, 2020

King Herod and John the Baptist John and I have been talking, and we do that from time to time, and mostly in the ether, but we have bee...

Death Is the Road to Awe – Clint Mansell

Feb 21, 2020

Shamanic Death and Rebirth For all of this talk of what I am, and how I got to this moment in time, none has been more surrounded in mys...

Brightest Morning Star – Britney Spears

Feb 13, 2020

We're dealing with other people's karma here, and one important person this statement includes, is none other than the wonderful a...

Dark Ballet – Madonna

Feb 6, 2020

Yes, it's been since before Christmas since I last posted on here, and no, it's not you.  It was a busy and productive holiday se...

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