Brightest Morning Star – Britney Spears

Feb 13, 2020
The morning star Venus and the moon over a shining lake in Florida.
We're dealing with other people's karma here, and one important person this statement includes, is none other than the wonderful and talented Britney Spears.  I'm hesitant to speak publicly about this since we've never met in this reality and the facts that surround her very public meltdown beginning in, what was it, 2007 or 2008?

Many of the peaks and valleys in her life mirror my own and despite the fact that no one could, or would believe me if I were to tell them, she is a part of this big picture in more ways than one.  True, her family has been on the receiving end of a lot of public slack over the last many years and while I can't defend those choices, mainly due to the fact that I'm not a part of her day-to-day life, I can say that she deserves better than what the press, and the trolls, tend to throw her way.  In fact, I can imagine myself connecting with her, and her family, and blending in just as quickly and as easily as anyone else could.

Karmically speaking I'm reluctant to open up to this style of dialogue simply out of respect for her mental health team and the processes that she's willingly undertaken in order to better manage those stresses in her life.  I can say that we do share a connection, for better, or for worse, that seems to mimic the behavior of our personal and professional relationships.  Actually, my breakdown death that occurred before, during, and throughout John's MFR I class in December 2006 served as a catalyst for not only her own medicine but also my own.  I'm very cautiously sharing this with you, so that we may learn together on what this new perspective may be.

One of those relationships that need to be mentioned is none other than the tumultuous relationship with her previous business manager, Osama “Sam” Lutfi.  I'm going to let that sink in for a minute.  Osama.  Sam.  Lutfi.  And while I can't confirm the full context of his middle or last name, I can say that as a mirror, that acted as a role in the reverse, he most certainly would have had an influence on what happened on this side of the fence, as compared to her own.  True, I'm not involved in her daily affairs, although from what I've learned on social media, and various news outlets, he's been a consistent problem for her.  Most recently, it seems the Spears' team has been granted a restraining order against Osama, and I hope that goes well for her, and that he learns to keep his distance from someone that's been through just so much.

Actually, she has to do with Shakespeare.  It would be hard to believe, although she could be connected, in a matrimonial manner at least, to Sir William.  It's also hard to believe that Mark Hamill is connected to William, and when we peel back the layers, we begin to see how the story takes shape.  Anytime that I mention a celebrity, and especially a living celebrity, I tend to pose caution simply due to the fact that I'm a blogger and I wouldn't want these people that I remain connected with to take these statements the wrong way.  A bit terse, maybe, but in our sue-happy world, I tend to understand how easy it is to get wrapped up in the wrong message.

Healing from bondage is a pretty large topic and one that would, or could, include the New Testament's narrative.  That's what a lot of people don't understand about the bible: it's about bondage and of course that manifests itself in our sexual relationships.  In fact, that's how our karma is produced, spanning from lifetime to lifetime, it's most often those close, and personal relationships that tend to affect the outcome in more ways than one.  Even now, as we speak, she's producing her own karma with those relationships that are close to her, as such, I've included the morning star for your contemplation, and what that may infer with her own healing process.

Repeating your life choices is often a hard lesson to learn, and one that takes trial and error to be able to see, and learn how those patterns emerge in your life.  After a while, the same relationships, or the same types of relationships, or the same quality of people will reenter your life; if only to illuminate a different choice.

We often see these celebrities making the same choices or similar choices with the same people, and I have to ask:  Have you learned anything, at all?

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