Dark Ballet – Madonna

Feb 6, 2020
A ballerina on her tiptoes wearing pink pointe shoes.

Yes, it's been since before Christmas since I last posted on here, and no, it's not you.  It was a busy and productive holiday season that somehow began near the end of October.  After my short trip to Connecticut, I found myself with an opportunity to overcome my own objections, that is this process of walking forward blindly, and put some creative juices into motion.  Needless to say, it turned out well, as I finalized a design theme for the latent Sacred Syllable, and while I can't say that it's 100% complete, it is organized in a coherent manner and ready for more development.

Developing the Sacred Syllable, even to the smallest extent, is a necessary first step towards understanding what, exactly, the Good Hawk was going to need, and what it was trying to become.  A long time ago, and I mean many years ago, it became abundantly clear than my message as a creative person was always intended for a larger audience.  Don't get me wrong, I love using my abilities and providing bodywork to lots of different people, it's just...that, I always saw my message as impacting more people than a solo therapist could pull off.  I mean, how many people could I affect as a therapist, and what's the trade-off with my own health and well-being?

What you see now is my transition from the role of a massage therapist, with a website, into a more appropriate blogger with an office.  While I still see clients a few days per week, this platform allows me the freedom to grow as a person, and a professional, into a larger audience while staying true to myself and the work that I've put forth over the last several years.  It also gives me the opportunity to explore all these wonderful social media channels that I've missed out on from being self-employed.  As a user, I've never put a lot into these communication platforms, and I've never gotten a lot back.  I'm still not convinced that they do a lot although looking at the traffic, a first since I left working for myself back in 2008, there are a lot of opportunities with online marketing.

Anyways, I've been meaning to play Madonna's swan interpretation with her 2019 release of Dark Ballet, and I've got to admit, I like what she's doing with this album.  Since her move to Lisbon, she's become a lot more open about what she's showing us, and what the mystique with this period of time may be.  Joan of Arc?  We're talking about someone's karma here, and her relationship with me is seen in many tabloids across the nation.  Well, let me be more clear:  Madonna represents something in all of us, and while it may not always be apparent on the surface level, her storytelling and musical composition couldn't be more relevant than it is with today's audience:  Stand up for something that you believe in.  Fight until the end.

Live with the consequences in this life and beyond.


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