Bring Me Your Sphenoid

Apr 22, 2020
An antique illustration of a human sphenoid bone
I'm at a different place than I give myself credit for.  Aside from bodywork there's also the actual nuts and bolts of what a new prophecy could look like, and what that means for the future of alternative medicine.  Before you ask what makes a healing modality truly alternative, we'll have to look at the human spirit, and how its condition affects the health and vitality of the body that it inhabits.

This isn't to say that we'll be ignoring the advice of Western medicine, in fact, it means that the alternative medicine practitioner will be well-versed with the integration of body-mind medicine, and this includes the use of their awakened, and extrasensory, perceptions.  A highly tuned brow, when combined with anatomical knowledge, works wonders with the right clients, and always includes the affirmation of the human spirit with their on-going evaluations.

Alternative Medicine

The condition of the human spirit remains intangible and the quality of its perception is based upon a clear understanding of the many realities that the human experience resides in.  Notwithstanding the advent of electricity, and the many technological advances throughout the twentieth century, we also have to look at the internet, and the potential of web-based healing, as the ideal modality for our mobile society.  Web-based healing, when used in conjunction with an in-person treatment plan, is based upon the principles of sound and vibration, and also requires the correct use of mirrors in their actualization.  These web-based sacred mirrors, in turn, are drawn from the tongue they're written from and form the foundation of a well-rounded, and interdimensional, healing plan and one that includes the use of the dreaming self into our waking realities.

Web-based healing can be no more than the correct use of luminescence as a source of healing power that when combined with a skilled, and intentional, touch could produce life-changing results.

Web-based Spins

For those of you wondering who I am, and I've come to this initial conclusion, you'll have to keep in mind that I've been working online for a long time now.  In the years following Obama's first election, a majority of the work that I offered was completed in a real-time, and online spin.  From the fall of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak to the events surrounding the Arab Spring movement, and ultimately to the death of Osama bin Laden, the prophecies that I've quietly kept to myself were mostly accomplished online.  This isn't to say that I was actively working with those military and intelligence operatives on their mission objectives, it's only to say that the work I've contributed to their efforts was aided in no part by our Pleiadian ancestors, the power of the written word, and the motion picture industry.

There is a long story behind President Obama's first election, and one that I am slowly beginning to share.  For brevity's sake, I'm going to begin in the fall of 2003, and the intentions that were set forth at that time.  Following the dreaming visions that were received, and the time that was spent in learning a new skill, this brings us into 2005 and the formation of a business with a then business partner.  It's also important to mention the growth opportunities that were presented while in Columbus, and how this adversely affected my health and well-being at the time.

Many people with knowledge of this scenario often ask why I have been excluding Daniel from this equation, and the simple answer is, it's a test for everyone.  It's not even my test, my test was Hosni Mubarak to Osama bin Laden, actually, let's take that to the unfortunate passing of Steve Jobs, and then to the successful re-election of Barack Obama.  And, in regards to Daniel, most of the backstory to his salon, and my inclusion thereof, is wrapped up in business dealings that are not mine to claim.

Healing from Previous Incarnations

As reluctant as I have been to share with you the details of John's class, I will mention that this time served as an initiatory course and resulted in my shamanic dismemberment, and admittance to the hospital psychiatric ward.  It was an awfully strong dose of medicine that prepared me for the events that were about to happen with President Obama's first election and, of course, for my own healing.  This wound actually dates to the Civil War, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and with that comes the importance of Daniel's identity during that lifetime.  He wasn't necessarily a friend, and to this day, I've been unwilling to claim the facts as they stand.

As you can surmise, this story includes the previous two incarnations, a few world wars, and a curse that is ancient to the pharaohs of Upper and Lower Egypt.

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