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Apr 7, 2020
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Healing the Feminine

I was quietly reminded after last week's post, or maybe it's been going on two weeks now, of how unfortunate it is that romance is sometimes inferred from my writing.  I don't necessarily intend it that way, although I do see this person's point in making the case for how bodywork and spirituality will often inform a person's sexuality, and the roles that may be demanding it.

For those of you that don't know, and for many of you that have made the assumption, a majority of my work involves healing the feminine, first within oneself, and secondly with another.  This isn't to say that I'm a feminine person, rather, it's only to recognize the intricate balance that our masculine and feminine energies have with one another, the importance of understanding how they inform a person's inner landscape, and how that often contrasts with their own external realities.

Not long ago I was in attendance with a well-known bodywork provider, and upon opening the class to one another, we were allowed our introductions.  For me, and this was a first, I was consciously inviting the feminine into my work and sharing this intention with those in the class.  It was the first time I had offered the feminine to this healing circle, and it might as well be my last.

I've never been so perplexed as to their response to this statement, and how so few people in attendance took it for what it really meant.  I was also commenting on the out-of-balance nature that so many of these bodywork classes have, and how the only other male in the room was obviously, and quite energetically, connected to his female companion.  What happens in these circles, and I've seen this in my own shamanic work, is that when another person is added, and most often after the initial circle is called, is that they're not allowed in.  This is one of the main points of calling a circle to begin with, to protect those beings that are in service to one another, and to create energetic boundaries from those that remain outside of it.

I think the assumption was being made that my comment on honoring the feminine, was somehow connected to my sexuality, and that this class could have been serving as my coming out, of sorts.  What a bizarre place to be when, in fact, I was specifically referring to those people in my life that I remain energetically and spiritually connected with, and how this work informs their own healing process.  I don't have a lot to say regarding these two people, although I can hear their worries and concerns as they read through my content.

Healing for Two, or Three, or More

I know it's hard to understand without a physical presence, but I am actually healing for her, and with her.  It was a difficult situation for both of us, but this is what happens when you are bound with an energy that is held by another.  This is John's significance in my life, his presence serving as the catalyst, and energetic barrier, for the feminine aspect of the person that's writing this post.  We were separated at birth, he said, and in order to protect each other, and ourselves.  We were born in different places, and to different parents, each serving as a simultaneous mirror to one another.

We are reflections of the masculine and feminine nature of the self, and we are both cosmic twins and sibling-spouses, each born with a specific place in time.  She is the constraint that I fought in my youth, and I, her redemption.  She is difficult and famous, and try as I might, we are finding peace in our lives and with our place in history.  There's still anger for her leaving, and there's still anger for her being locked away for so many years.  It was beyond my control, and it was of my doing; either cherish and protect, or let it all go.

History records the she as a he, but that's how this story is told...

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