The Matrix of Psychology

Jun 29, 2020
A green binary matrix illumined against a computer screen.

I'm being quietly encouraged to open up on the Matrix, both the film franchise and the psychologist in question, and in an attempt to shed light on the topic, and what's brought us to this point in time.  Of course, with a background in shamanism followed with a lay practice in Zen Buddhism, it's easy to confuse the facts surrounding my trip to the hospital in 2006, and how those assumptions have lead many members of the audience into the false belief of mental illness.

For those of you that are suffering from more severe cases of mental illness that include schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and manic depression, I encourage you to seek real help.  For those of you that are on an awakening path, and for those of you that can see the similarities that clinical psychology labels it as, I encourage you to continue reading this post.  And for those of you that have been deluded into thinking that a Jewish psychologist's half-brained attempt at diagnosing me with something, with anything that he could justify, and for whatever reasons his motives may be based upon, I encourage you to take a deep breath in and realize that a religious bias exists in all fields of science.

I'm not even a religious person, and I continue to be on the receiving end of Jewish discrimination from more than a handful of people in Central Ohio, and this spans all the way to Menlo Park, California.  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate Jews, and I know that a lot of Jews don't hate me, but I can't help but feel the hate that's been coming my way for well over twelve years now.  It's not just hate, it's angry hate, as if I have anything to do with you being angry at the world.  And it's not just a thought or a feeling, it's a factual criminal conspiracy that includes a previous banking relationship with Chase Manhattan bank.

And before you qualm to me about having the ability to produce evidence, please remember that I can hear you wearing my face.  It's those intentions, of assuming another person's identity in real life, and on social media, that concerns me the most.  It's the fake accounts that have been established in an attempt to mirror my behavior, and presence, that should concern everyone.  There's a double standard here between those that manage the social media king, and the users that populate it with information.  In short, they're able to assume your identity, but you are unable to do the same.  That's the cost of privileged membership, I guess.

The Architect of Healing

So, let's rewind for a moment and talk about the psychologist that is a previous client of mine.  Let's also talk about the opportunity for growth, that I took to him in confidence, and what transpired with John's class.  Let's also talk about the visions received, which I've never discussed publicly, and the shamanic reality for what occurred over those few days.  It's important to remind the audience that while I have fully recovered from these events, they ripped me apart, and shook me to the core.  As tough as I thought I was, those series of events literally knocked me on my ass, and made me question the reality of the world that we live in.

For the first time in my life, I witnessed, and fully participated in, the parallel realities that our world consists of.  It's freaky to cross over from one reality to another, and it's freakier to realize that what we call physical reality doesn't necessarily have to change.  As a clairvoyant, I know the difference between what exists in my mind's eye, and what occurs at the consensual level of agreed upon reality.  As a well-trained psychic reader, one that doesn't make shit up, and delivers messages as they're given, I also know that the infinite universe contains multiple realities within this singular moment.

The Oracle of Memphis

I think that one of the main concerns that the Jewish psychologist would complain about is that I didn't tell him that I'm clairvoyant, or awake, and that I don't proselytize to others about their faith.  I didn't tell him about my abilities, or my spiritual background, due to the fact that I wasn't seeking his diagnosis or medical opinion.  He was my client, and one that has burned the bridge back to me so many times now.  I don't share this type of information with everyone that comes into my life, as a lot of clairvoyants and gifted readers won't, because we have nothing to prove to you.  We are not seeking your insight into the pragmatics of spiritual enlightenment.

One of my only intentions at this point in time, and this is for everyone reading this, is that if you're curious about your own spirituality, outside the conventions of organized religion, then postulate your own spiritual inquiry.  For me, this includes the spirit-based practice of Buddhism, and the inclusion of meditation as a replacement for the shamanic journey, and into altered states of consciousness.  A person could be more specific with how those teachings affect the Dharma, although for argument's sake, this is where I am coming from.  Spirit exists to me, I am able to hear and communicate with the angelic realm, and this has been proven time and time again with many different people over the last several years.  I don't offer predictions, outside of the context of writing, simply because the desire to foretell the future has quietly faded away with the practice of meditation.

I've also been avoiding the talk of a cover-up(s) for awhile now, and I've excluded speaking about the intelligence agencies for this very fact.  At some point in time, we'll have to dig deeper into it, so that we may see for ourselves what the last many years have been all about.

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