The Curtain Keeper

Jul 8, 2020
A hand opening a red curtain against a white background.

The Curtain Keeper

Sometime during the late '90s or early '00s, and while I was exploring shamanic realities, I had a dream that included a curtain, a giant hand that pulled at its seams, and a podium that stood center stage that included the promise of an Oscar, if I were to pursue it.  Never having been an acting type, or ever having explored my thespian attitudes towards the arts, I brushed it aside.  The dream was very vivid and served as a direct pointer to what would become an interest in the following years.

I never saw myself as an actor though, and when I would engage in dialogues with my inner self, it never seemed to be a realistic approach for me.  I was a glassblower, and then a car salesman, and the visual cues that would set off my creative spark were far less performance indicated, and much more colorful and hands-on in their approach.  The messages from upstairs were always very clear about this, go through that curtain, and see what opportunities come to you.

A lot of times you'll hear in spiritual circles about the hidden veil; that thin draping line between this world and that.  It's common knowledge, and nearly a common belief within these circles to speak of working with the dead while the veil is at its thinnest, or most accessible to those of us in the physical form.  What's never mentioned, however, is what spiritual forces manage this veil, or curtain between realities, and what it takes to transverse them.

If you were to pick up a handful of books on shamanism from the '90s, going all the way back to the '60s actually, you would see this topic coming up on more than one occasion.  There are well-known authors that have made a living by sharing their knowledge that their teachers, and benefactors, are able to transverse the physical world as we know it.  And maybe they can, or maybe they're fictionalized characters that are based upon a spiritual truth that remains thousands of years old.

Yes, we all have spiritual teachers that come to us from the unknown, and this includes the vague conception of an alternate reality.  Not many of these teachers exist solely in one world, or another, and this explains their ability to defy the laws of physics as we know them, and more importantly, opens the audience to the very real possibility that they're not entirely human, at all.  This also explains their ability to take on different forms at will, as we commonly see in the Central American themes of nagualism and the ceremonial and religious beliefs of the Aztec and Mayan worldview.

The Veil of Knowledge

Having spent the last many years working to clarify the difference between what I have been taught to believe, and what remains closer to an absolute truth, I have learned to ask for clarification when needed.  One of these topics that I had asked for clarification on was the veil itself.  What is this veil, really?  What are we teaching ourselves when we invoke the sacred in such a way?

Their reply included a very brief statement about human flesh, and that the only veil that truly exists between our world, and the next, is the human body.  There is no veil that is more valid than your own bones and there is no connection to Spirit without flesh.  There are a lot of misconceptions about life, death, and the afterlife running around these spiritual circles and there's a lot of misinformation that we're taking in, and in an effort to digest another person's experience over our own.

Chakras are another popular topic that are often misconceived.  From my own experience, an enlightened being has 11-13 vertically aligned spiritual centers, while we are taught to believe that there are only seven.  We are also taught to believe that they are always colored in the same way, or in the same light, when many times they are translucent in appearance and more subtle in their movement than we practice.  We have attachments to all of these things that we think will bring us closer to the truth, when in actuality, they distract us from perceiving this moment as it is.

From my last blog post one of the silent comments to me was: “Well, what happens in these parallel realities?”  After a few moments of pause, I replied: “A different version of what you're experiencing now.”  This is the curtain that I'm referring to, and in this case, this is John's curtain to Christ.  John protects the afterlife in ways that only he can know, and Ryan, walks his way in a manner that has been asked of him, and one that he is obliged to.  It's also important to understand that I am far from qualified to speak on his, or his instructors' behalf, although from my own experience many students will have their release(s) in class, and be just fine.  I may be one of the exceptions to this rule, based on my relationship with John and his staff.

At a very young age I knew that it was Star Wars, but I didn't know how, or when, or what I was supposed to do.  And from that very young age of three, or four, or five years old, I also knew that the Nazis would reappear.  It would be their presence, he would say, that would remind me that I was in the right place with my life.  Although it was over forty years ago, I recollect with the sense and understanding that maybe I knew I would be in my forties when this would happen, and that a blue star and lightsaber would be leading the way.

“You'll know you're in the right place when the Nazis come back.”
“They're still here?”  I replied.

“They never left.  They're hiding.”

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