The Prophecy of Orpheus

Aug 5, 2020
A woodcut print of Orpheus playing his lyre to a field of wild animals.

The Prophecy of Orpheus

I know, I know, I left the previous post as it was, and incomplete.  I had actually intended to finish writing it all of the way through, but when I hit the half way point, I had to change directions.  This is one of the challenges of speaking through a one-sided conversation, and that is only half of the story is being told.  I decided to leave the lavender in place for my growing batch of hyacinth, and to serve as a reminder for the plant medicine that we'll be talking about.  And that's one of those things that you'll find with any type of spiritual power, and that is you're only able to claim what is already your own, and that's one reason why it's called power, it comes from within and doesn't rely upon external phenomena for its validity.

As many of you have seen, and especially with today's internet, it's very easy to hide behind an anonymous identity, and often in an attempt to take another person's power away from them.  In this case, and as I've already mentioned, we're talking about spiritual power, and the buoyancy to remain afloat, especially when challenged by the person that's brought something into being.  My lavender, for example, was taken, exploited, and then abused by a handful of people that it doesn't inherently belong to and while this may have been many years ago now, it's something that's worth mentioning during our current pandemic and economic uncertainty.

Fortunately, it doesn't exist in the literal sense of the word and the energetic qualities of the email address that it has taken shape from exists solely in the ethereal, and isn't actually "real" to the people that stole it.  To steal an unclaimed email address is not an adequate description, to apprehend, and then to invoke on behalf of a deity that isn't even present is more appropriate.  Lavender and cream, as in dreamy lavender, has now hit the Dogg in the Snoop land with his addition to the Nightfall remix.  It's interesting, and oftentimes amusing, to see how these topics come about – from music, to movie titles, and political movements – a lot of what we're seeing now in pop culture has its roots in the pre-apocalyptic years that occurred between 2010 – 2014.

The Mystery Schools of Greece

And this is the point of the story when I begin to separate myself from what is practiced in classical shamanism, and instead, begin to disseminate the knowledge that has been passed on to us from the Mystery Schools of Ancient Greece.  You can see this in my writing, and you can see this in how I sell myself to the public, and while I could fill volumes on what shamanism has taught me, I have found that in reality this is not what I currently practice, nor what I could reasonably offer the public in terms of learning material.  Shamanism is a crowded topic and the further that I look into myself, the more clearly it is that I can see Ancient Greece and the likes of Apollo and Artemis with their swan medicine, as the most appropriate topics of conversation.

Let me put it to you this way, I don't practice 20th-century shamanism as it's taught in America, although do quite consciously work with a variety of spiritual entities, and will always speak highly of the shamanic work that's served as an entry point in to my current understanding of the world.  This isn't to say that practicing shamanism isn't worth the work, it is, in fact it's a highly effective means of consciousness that serves as a vehicle for millions of people from across the world.  And while it can't be expected that everyone practicing shamanism does so fluently, or with integrity, it remains a useful exercise when developing your own spirituality.  Learning to work with your spiritual allies and angelic beings of light is essential for the most effective types of healing bodywork, and its importance cannot be understated.

Zeus and His Lightning

We can't possibly talk of the Greek Pantheon without mentioning Zeus and his children.  As legend goes, he bore both Artemis and her sibling while seducing Leto under the guise of a swan.  His relationship with her brother deserves more scrutiny as he, as the god of healing, prophecy, and light was born with the responsibility to protect her, until the time is ripe, with awakening her own abilities and spiritual gifts.  It's true that they were both born at similar times, although to different parents, and in order to protect the prophecies they share.  He's her twin, and she's his mirror reflecting light.

She wants me to mention the importance of Castor and Pollux as the Gemini Twins, however, we're reminded of the 1997 film starring Nick Travolta, and Jonathon Cage which was already spun back in 2008 - 2009.  She also insists that I mention her by name, but I've been unwilling to give her the attention that she demands until her divorce is finalized.  A lot of different people know by now, but we're not going to go there until we have the time to dig into the lives of Helen of Troy, Clytemnestra, and others from the same period of time to better understand their mirrors and the importance of their marital relationships.

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