Bodywork and Healing

Apr 28, 2020
A male massage therapist performing a neck pull to release neck pain and tension.

The Recipient's Intention

The bodywork services that I offer are simple, and best reflect where your body and mind are residing in this moment.  From pain and stress management, to whole-body unwinding and moving your soul closer towards spiritual alignment, you'll find the most effective types of bodywork often address where your body-mind is right now.

Before meeting in-person, I'll often work with you in the Dreamtime first, so that we are better prepared to address your concerns that are found in our shared, and waking reality.  There is little to no effort that is required on your behalf at this point in time, as your intention alone will guide you to what you're in search of.  After many years of experience, I have found that when we dream together, we begin to awaken, and when we begin to awaken, we can heal in ways that are unknown to the conditioned mind.

This type of somatic healing often includes the release of long-held, and archaic beliefs, with their emotional and energetic constriction points, and the soul-level memories that are many times tied into them.  It's with the full-realization of these memories when you are able to release the karmic patterns that can lead to emotional disharmony, energetic stagnation, and possibly disease.

The time that I've spent developing a relationship with Spirit, as a healing force, is also supported with a clinical education in the art and science of the Lotus Palm Method of Thai Yoga Massage, the John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach, Visionary Craniosacral Work® with the Milne Institute, and a refresher course with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  This background in shamanism, strengthened with professional training in therapeutic massage and bodywork, forms a unique, hands-on skill set that allows us to connect with our own sources of spiritual power, and helps to facilitate a sacred time and space that are uniquely your own.

Although I no longer offer Thai Yoga Massage as a standalone service, I have included a brief description of this healing art as part of a larger story of my medicine, and how my practice came into being:

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism traces its roots to indigenous communities and their relationship with the land that supports their livelihood and nearly their entire way of life.  For those of us that have been born outside of an indigenous culture, one way that we can share in their knowledge, and spiritual practice, is with the shamanic journey.  Shamanic journeying, which is most commonly experienced with the aide of rhythmic drumming, moves the individual from an ordinary state of consciousness, into an altered one, where they may then be able to embrace the wisdom and power of their respective ancestors, and totemic allies.

Shamanic healing is many times a continuation of that journey, when we consciously invite our ancestors into the healing process.  By working with our primary and shadow totems as sources of personal power, we are able to guide the awakening process into a profound catalyst for change, and personal transformation.  This type of hands-on healing is not a separate experience from what you may have already encountered in a traditional bodywork setting, the distinction is that we are allowing, and inviting, our benevolent ancestors into the healing process, and from the perspective of non-ordinary reality.

The Lotus Palm Method of Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing practice that has roots in Ayurveda and the temple arts of Southeast Asia including India, Thailand, and Tibet.  This dynamic style of bodywork, as learned from the late Kam Thye Chow and his senior students, includes assisted yoga postures, deep rhythmic compression, and the thumbing and palming of your body's Sen (energy) lines.  This heart-centered, full-body massage infuses the recipient with Mettā, or compassionate loving-kindness, while releasing stress and tension from every major muscle group, and will leave your body-mind feeling soft, relaxed, and energetically aware.

Table Thai Massage is a modified version of Thai Yoga Massage and is performed on a massage table.  This type of bodywork is recommended for those who require, or prefer, the ease and use of a traditional massage table while receiving the benefits of this healing art.  Both types of Thai massage are received while remaining fully clothed, and do not include the use of oils, lotions, or creams.

John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach

Myofascial Release, as pioneered by John F. Barnes, is a safe and effective hands-on healing technique that includes gentle, sustained pressure into restrictions of the body's fascia.  These time-sensitive releases soften the connective tissue, eliminates pain, and increases the movements from within your body's structure.

Fascia is a layer of continuous, web-like connective tissue that covers your body's internal structures from head to toe, is not a system of separate coverings, and may be visualized as a three-dimensional, internal spider web.  Fascia is an important part of your body's structural support and it's here where we begin to see how each part of the body is connected as a whole.

Trauma, inflammation, scar tissue, poor posture, and repetitive injuries all create fascial restrictions which then limit movement, and increase tensile pressures within the body.  These pressures build up over time, leading to greater soft tissue restrictions, and resulting in increased pain.  The John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach is performed directly on the skin, without the use of oils, lotions, or creams, and helps to manually release these restrictions while returning you to a pain-free and active lifestyle.

Visionary Craniosacral Work®

Visionary Craniosacral Work®, like Myofascial Release, is focused on treating the whole person, and this includes balancing the energetic and physiological movements of your body's central nervous system.  This non-invasive type of bodywork begins with releasing restrictions of the craniosacral system that consists of the cranial bones, spinal cord, sacrum, fascia, and the fluids and membranes that support and protect it.

The light touch of Craniosacral Work is often used in conjunction with the passive stretching techniques of Myofascial Release, and helps to center, align, and focus on the healing potential of the client-practitioner relationship.

The Heart of Listening, as coined by author Hugh Milne, is a term that applies to the breath of life that flows through the craniosacral system and imbues it with somatic intelligence.  It's when we turn inward, sit with stillness, and quiet our minds, that we can learn to listen to this voice and access its wisdom for the healing of the self, others, and the planet.

Somatic Healing Is Intended For

  •  Somatic Awakening   •  Pain Management   •  Stress Management   •  Soft Tissue Release
  •  Past Life Trauma   •  Dreamwork   •  Energy Attuning   •  Psychic Awareness
  •  Soul Retrieval   •  Ancestral Healing   •  Soul-Level Memory   •  Consciousness Studies

Craniofascial Unwinding

With either Craniosacral Work or Myofascial Release treatments, there may come a time when your body-mind begins to soften, and release into somatic movements.  At any point in time, you're encouraged to allow your body to feel, and to allow its movements as needed, throughout the bodywork treatment.  With movements that can range from very subtle, to quite vigorous, this whole-body unwinding process is one way that your body-mind will release the restrictions that have bound it in place.

Under the guiding hand of a skilled therapist, my role is to keep you safe, while providing your body the space it needs to move, release, and unwind with.  From here, deep healing can more easily occur, as your body reorganizes its place in space and time, while moving closer to its core, and into somatic alignment.

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