The Sacred Song Medicine Wheel

Jun 5, 2021
The medicine wheel in the form of a circular maze with the cardinal directions and their colors.
Integrating the work of David R. Kopacz MD and Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow)

A Centered Path of Healing

After months, and possibly years, of working with the intention to create both the Sacred Syllable, and Sacred Hoops, I have, at times, found myself overwhelmed with what I've come to expect of myself and this work.  As this moment unfolds into something larger than myself, I've also found solace in knowing that others, too, are beginning their own work, and perhaps for the first time.  It's with this understanding that I do not want to misrepresent both the influence, and importance, of David and Joseph's written work that is to be found in their respective spiritual practices, and their 2016 publication of Walking the Medicine Wheel.

As a Marine Corps veteran that served on the Arabian Peninsula before the terror attacks of 9/11, and as a young Marine that was called into shamanic practice prior to departing active-duty status, I've found their work to be both timely, and relevant, as much of their work mirrors my own spiritual path.  My intention with presenting this information in such a way is to capture the essence, and intellect, that Joseph and David have put together, while integrating my own work with Spirit, and clients alike.  As I continue moving forward you will find that a majority of this information will be coming from my own voice, with source material documented throughout.

It's also important to note that I have befriended both David and Joseph and look forward to possibly working with them in the future, and if we're lucky, this could include sound and healing that originates from the Thundersong Sound Chamber and Gold Hill Kiva that are located in Gold Hill, Colorado.  This also serves as a nod, and a thank you, to my first shamanic teacher Lillith 3Feathers, of Kent, Ohio, who I haven't spoken to for some time, although knowing her, she is walking in beauty with us.  If it wasn't for her timely presence in my life, there would be no knowledge of Joseph's work to share with you.

As I gather my thoughts on how to best present this information, you're encouraged to begin with your own practice of chanting the sacred vowel sounds, while learning directly from the medicine wheel, with a simple right-click, download, and print of the Sacred Song medicine wheel, available in the first image of this article, and the ensuing journey to the center of this circular maze, and ultimately to the core of your entire being.

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