Myofascial Release

Feb 19, 2020
A male massage therapist performing a cross-shear technique on a client.

John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach

Myofascial Release, as taught by John F. Barnes, is a safe and effective hands-on healing technique that includes gentle, sustained pressure into restrictions of the body's fascia.  These time-sensitive releases soften the connective tissue, eliminate pain, and increase movement from within your body's structures.

Fascia is a layer of continuous, web-like connective tissue that covers the body's internal structures from head to toe, is not a system of separate coverings, and may be visualized as a three-dimensional, internal spider web.  Fascia is an important part of our body's structural support and it's here where we begin to see how each part of the body is connected as a whole.

Trauma, inflammation, adhesions, poor posture, and repetitive injuries all create fascial restrictions which then limit movement, and increase tensile pressures within the body.  These pressures build up over time, leading to greater soft tissue restrictions, resulting in increased pain.  JFB-Myofascial Release is performed directly on the skin without the use of oils, lotions, or creams, and helps to manually release these restrictions, while returning you to a pain-free and active lifestyle.

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