Somatic Healing

A practitioner and client engaged in somatic healing and bodywork.

What Is Somatic Healing?

Somatic healing is another term for spiritual healing that comes from within your body, thereby lessening the separation between body and mind that we're taught to believe in.  Somatic healing is also another term for somatic alignment, when our body, mind, and soul are in alignment with the choices that we make in life, and the words that we can use to put these actions in motion.  Oftentimes, the words and intentions that we use in our relations are not in alignment with the choices that we ultimately make in life, and even the slightest change in attitudes and behaviors can, and will, have a profound effect on our physical health and well-being, while also changing the course of our respective spiritual landscapes.

Somatic healing also requires the practitioner, or the hands of the hands-on therapies, to have accurate anatomical knowledge, while understanding the physiological functions that the human body is capable of producing.  This is not a term that's intended to replace the advice of a medical doctor or osteopath, this is a term that I've come to use as an alternative to mainstream medicine, with its objective and materialistic measurements, and how those contrast with a subjective human experience that has its basis in a spiritual understanding of the world.  Of course, many topics related to a scientific understanding of the human body would have you believe that a person's spiritual landscape is nonsensical, or irrelevant, to the needs of their own physical health and well-being, and that's just not true.

This brings us to the reality of understanding how the human body functions, and how the indomitable human spirit intertwines, and informs, the choices that we make in life.  This is also the point in the conversation when we learn how to discuss and manage the external stressors in our lives, and when we begin to understand how these stressors will negatively impact the quality of life for ourselves, and for those that we surround ourselves with.  It goes without saying that a predominant feature of our work lives is spending a disproportionate amount of time working in a position that is out of alignment with our personal goals, and instead, creates dissonance and separation from within the body-mind and its surrounding environment.

Awaken Within Your Body

From this fractured work environment, where our work lives have become separate and compartmentalized facets of our whole being, we've learned to vacate our bodies altogether; perhaps serving as a coping mechanism that allows the individual to minimize the pain and discomfort that comes from not actually being in their bodies, but rather, wrapped up in the intellectual and cerebral demands that their work requires of them.  It's very common to see clients, with many types of somatic practice, where their sense of self resides only in the upper third of their bodies, and without any direct connection to their energetic or spiritual sources of power.  Remaining disconnected, and with a minimal sense of awareness of how their work-related stress is a compounding factor, the individual continues to move in a downward spiral consisting of disease, dysfunction, and symptomatic imbalance.